‘Hell on Wheels’ ‘Durant, Nebraska’ Recap

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This week’s episode of “Hell on Wheels” starts off with an Indian attack.

Eva is hanging clothes and calls for “Mr. Toole” her husband, to get out of bed. Then she walks over to get some water from the well. As she’s pumping she hears something so she stops and listens. Nothing. She pumps water again and hears something. She stops to listen and hears Indians in the forest. She runs away with the bucket of water and calls out to Samuel Toole to let him know what’s going on when the Indians attack.

Eva hides while all the homes are burning to the ground and people are being killed.

The next scene shows soldiers pushing Cullen Bohannon’s head in a water trough. They tell him that he’s guilty of Federal offences and they want the names of the confederates he rode with. Cullen refuses to tell them and they put his head in the water again. His head is pulled out and he tells the soldiers he’ll give them the names they want. He answers Lee and Grant so they try to drown him again.

Back in town, the Swede goes to Durant’s door to give him a message saying that the Indians are attacking the railroad in Kansas. Durant goes inside where Lily is in bed and he tells her about the attack.

Durant rounds up whoever he can to go to Kansas and see if they can do something about the Indians. Elam wants to go too but Durant tells him he has to stay in HoW to protect the railroad.

Joseph is going to Kansas with the rest and Ruth gives him a package of some things he might need. Ruth’s father, the Reverend, wants to go along but Durant says his services won’t be needed.

The men travel to Kansas but the train slows down as they see black smoke in the distance and the survivors of the attack walking towards the train. Eva and Samuel are two of the survivors. Durant is told that seven men and two women were killed during the attack.

Suddenly the Indians appear but all they do is stay on their horses. Joseph says that they are not Cheyennes but Sioux and they’re sending a message to Durant and the railroad; don’t mess with them.

The Kansas survivors return to HoW and Elam sees Eva and Samuel.

The McGinnes brothers are trying to sell land to the survivors of the Indian attack. Lily tells the brothers that these people have lost everything and the brothers shouldn’t try to get money from them. Lily agrees to pay the brothers the fees that Durant would pay them for any land they sold as long as the survivors had some land.

The soldiers take Cullen, who is in their jail, into a stable. Cullen thinks he’ll soon be killed. Cullen tells the soldiers to hang him already when a voice asks, “What’s the rush, Mr. B?” It’s Durant.

Eva speaks with Lily and tells her that she knows about the prostitute that was killed in HoW and she wants Lily to make sure that something is done to the murderer. Lily says that it’s hard to convince people to do the right thing.

Durant tells Cullen that he has two pieces of paper; one is a warrant for Cullen’s death and the other is a pardon signed by the Secretary of War. Durant says that he wants to help Cullen for selfish reasons and that the two have some unfinished business. He asks Bohannon if he chooses life or death?

While Durant and Cullen are on the train back to HoW they get into a scuffle where Cullen chokes Durant but stops just before Durant dies. Cullen and Durant make it back to town.

In HoW Elam welcomes Eva back but she’s still angry at him. Elam tries to give her some money until she gets back on her feet but she refuses to take anything from him.

Elam goes to the bar and Lily goes in to talk with him. She tells Elam that she wants him to deal with the person who killed the prostitute. Elam refuses and Lily says she’ll tell Eva who sent her to speak with Elam.

Elam finds the man who admitted that he killed the prostitute and proceeds to beat the murderer.

The last scene in “Hell on Wheels” shows the prostitutes throwing stones at the body of the dead killer.

Elam then spots Cullen and asks if he had a gun. Cullen says no and Elam says that he’ll need one. Next week’s episode will show viewers why Cullen will have to defend himself.

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