‘Hell on Wheels’ ‘Slaughterhouse’ Recap

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This week’s episode of “Hell on Wheels” is aptly named “Slaughterhouse.” Hopefully viewers who have a problem with blood didn’t watch and if viewers with an aversion to blood did tune in they probably had the good sense to watch with a hand over their eyes.

It starts off with The Swede beating a hog to death with a huge hammer-like object. Hand over eyes folks. When the hog is dead it’s slaughtered by the German butcher and the innards are then fed to the hog’s relatives who are still very much alive and hungry. Remember this scene, it will repeat itself.

The Swede then hauls away the body of the German railroad worker who killed the prostitute and decides to have some fun and stir up some trouble. He gets the town folks to believe that the men who killed the German worker were the McGinnes brothers, Sean and Mickey. The German butcher, Mr. Bauer, thinks this makes sense.

As viewers remember, it was really Elam who killed the German at the urging of Eva who went to Lily who went to Elam. Confused yet? Well, Mickey likes to believe that the town thinks he killed the German because Sean and Mickey were paid to protect the prostitutes. So if a prostitute was killed the brothers would have to do something about the death. Mickey brags that he killed the German, even though he didn’t.

The butcher, Mr. Bauer, forms a crowd to kill the brothers but Cullen and Elam saves Sean and Mickey from the mob. Cullen now works for Durant and throws the brothers in jail, which is really a railroad box car. The brothers kind of figure that they’ll be hanged for the murder.

Lily is upset that the innocent Mickey and Sean will lose their lives so she tells Durant that she was responsible, in a way, for the death of the German prostitute killer. She doesn’t tell him that Elam performed the actual murder. Durant throws a fit and doesn’t want to release the brothers because he says someone has to hang so the building of the railroad can go on.

Eva figures out that Elam had killed the German and she’s very happy and kisses him a few times to prove it. Remember, she’s married to Mr. Toole who treats her very well and only hits her when he’s drunk. Stay away ladies, that man belongs to Eva.

Meanwhile, the good Reverend Cole is very unhappy that daughter Ruth is having relations with Joseph Black Moon, the Cheyenne. He’s so upset that he calls them “fornicators” during the funeral for the German. Yes, the good Reverend is a bit on the tipsy side.

But the Reverend does comes to Joseph’s aid when some of the men-folk want to beat up Joseph for being with a “white woman.” The Reverend then tells Joseph that maybe he should leave town. Joseph disagrees.

Durant tells Cullen to let the Irish brothers out of the jail/box car. Bauer, the butcher, gets upset and Cullen tells him to leave town. Like that will ever happen.

Sean and Mickey, now out of jail, aren’t happy with the butcher so they attack him in the butcher shop, kill him, chop him up, and feed him to his hogs. Great way of getting rid of a body.

“Hell on Wheels” was rather bloody this week. Maybe things will be toned down a little on the next episode.

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