‘Hell on Wheels’ ‘The White Spirit’ Recap

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This week Hell on Wheels starts with The Swede digging around in some mud by a river. He takes some of the mud and rubs it on his face like it’s war paint. Then he shaves his head doing this while chanting. The Swede is the white spirit.

Lily is talking to the men in the saloon telling them that Durant is in Chicago and the railroad will continue as usual. The men are concerned about getting paid but Lily tells them that they will get their money. But will they?

The financial books aren’t adding up and Lily needs someone to study the finances to see what’s wrong. But who can help her out? Ah, yes, who else but the last person who helped with the books; The Swede. He agrees to help Lily.

Cullen goes to pay his respects to Ruth on the death, well, really the murder, of her father, the good Reverend Cole. She thanks him for coming saying that no one else paid her a visit. Well, what does she expect? Her dad was not well-liked after threatening to kill everyone on the train last week.

The McGinnes brothers want to buy the saloon from Carl and Elam says he’ll help them. Elam tells them of his plan to sabotage the next whisky shipment with the help of Psalms. All he wants in return from the brothers is a cut in their saloon profits when they buy the bar.

Cullen has figured out that The Swede is the one who gave the guns to the Sioux and Reverend Cole and puts him in jail after knocking him out.

When The Swede finally comes around Bohannon tells him to confess to the crime. Lily wants proof that The Swede actually did it. The Swede won’t confess and says that Cullen is far from being an angel and then relates all the people who Cullen himself has killed. The Swede says that deep inside Cullen likes that evil part of himself.

Cullen talks to Lily and she said that since there’s no evidence against The Swede she wants him out of jail. Cullen gives her the keys and The Swede is released to help Lily figure out the books, which he does.

Meanwhile, Elam and Psalms destroy the whisky shipment. Carl is sure that the McGinnes brothers have something to do with it. Mickey tells Carl that he wants the bar and will pay him a good price for it. Mickey then threatens that if Carl doesn’t like it then he should come back with his friend the butcher. That would be hard for Carl to do since the brothers killed the butcher and fed him to the hogs a couple of weeks ago. Message taken.

Cullen sees Elam who has decided to leave the railroad and build a home for himself and Eva, if she decides to return from Chicago and be with Elam and not her husband.

Bohannon must have agreed with what The Swede told him about his evil side and decides to leave the railroad. He tells Lily and she gets angry at him saying that he’s always running away. She reminds him of the dance they had last season when she was waiting for him and he never came. He then says that she found another man to be with, namely Durant. But Cullen admits that he was wrong and decides to stay with the railroad after a night of passion with Lily.

Only two more episodes to “Hell on Wheels” left this season.

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