‘Hell on Wheels': Will There Be a Season Three?

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Last week’s finale of Hell on Wheels sent shock waves running through the bodies of viewers. Mr. Toole killed himself leaving wife Eva to get together with, Elam, the father of her unborn child; the Swede killed Lily Bell; Sean is running after Ruth, the daughter of the now dead Reverend; the Swede jumped off the bridge before Cullen could hang him; Durant will most likely wind up in jail; and the town has been burned to the ground by the Sioux. This sounds like the perfect ending for not only a season but for a series which leads fans to wonder if there’ll be a season three.

Viewers aren’t sure they want to see another season. One fan, according to the Calgary Herald, said “[The] murder of Lily was possibly the most vile, graphic, disturbing, gut-wrenching and totally unnecessary scene I can remember. For sure and certain I’ll never re-watch this show and will not be watching another season.”

Another says “another good show down the tubes” while someone else hopes that Lily’s death was a dream or that a twin sister will come looking for her. Yeah, like that will ever happen. This is not “Dallas.”

So will AMC air season three? The network won’t decide that for another three or four weeks but fans can hope for the best.

Even with Lily gone there’s still plenty of room for lots of story lines and there are some great characters still around. Won’t it be fun to see if the very interesting Hannah Durant takes over the railroad while hubby Thomas is sitting in jail? The Eva/Elam story is getting a tad bland but the Swede’s probably still around even though he jumped off the bridge. He survived the Sioux when they tortured him so he can easily survive a little water. He could sneak back in town and do some real damage to the railroad and to Bohannon if he put his mind to it. And Sean is getting real creepy chasing after Ruth who is slowly becoming as nutty and her father; and Joseph is on his way to becoming evil.

Start signing those petitions now to get AMC to bring back Hell on Wheels. It’s a great western. True fans want more!

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