Hello World :) part one-blog entry one

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We have had some bad snow storms this year lol, a good way to start the new year out. Last week we had 18 inches of snow, we couldn’t get out for three days. I was at least glad I had my honey home with me and the kids, and so glad we had lots of food too. Kinda glad at least we had internet at least i can enjoy playing games and writing my first entry to my blog.  The blog thing is very new to me hehe never done this before just thought i would try.  Hmmmm..hehe seeing that this is my first blog post you would think that i would tell you my name :) I’m liz a mother of two babies  a stay at home mom who loves to make friends, read, play games and so much more( hehe it would be a page long if i wrote all that i liked).    so until next blog post.


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I'm a sweet 28 year old mother of a sweet son who's six months old :) I love my son :) hes my life :) I enjoy spending time with my family and pets...My sugar gliders and mouse :) I'm a person who gets along with everyone :) I love too meet new frie

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