Hells Angels Suing Over T-shirts! Amazon’s Sale Dilemma

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Hells Angels is suing Amazon over t-shirts! Yes, the hardcore motorcycle gang that started in California is suing the Seattle-based retailer in the West’s new war. Hells Angels is upset that Amazon has been selling these plain-looking generic t-shirts with the words, “My boyfriend’s a Hells Angel” on the front and wings on the back.

The biker group’s attorney Fritz Clapp stated, “We bring these lawsuits from time to time not just to punish but to educate. Hells Angels is a membership mark, and it denotes membership in the organization. Even the Hells Angels do not put it on T-shirts they sell to the public.”

Amazon is just the latest in a long list of retailers that have been sued by the group. Some of the other major stores have been Disney, Marvel Comics. Saks Fifth Avenue and Zappos. Amazon’s response to the lawsuit has been to pull the t-shirts from their online store. It looks like one point for Hells Angels and zero points for the online giant.

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