‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Contestants Feud But Don’t Cook

This year’s Hell’s Kitchen ought to be called Feuding Kitchens, given that the contestants seem more intent on that than food preparation. Neither the men’s blue team nor the women’s red team figured out how to work together. For the second time, diners went home with nothing more than appetizers in their bellies.

The episode started with a rapping wake-up call for the young chefs. As if that wasn’t enough, Chef Ramsay added in some ice-cold entertainment. They got tasked with pulling scallops out of packed ice.

Scallops claimed, the teams returned to the kitchen to shuck, clean and cook six perfect plates of scallops. The team completing the task first would win the challenge.

The men started off fast but paid no attention to cooking quality. Their first plate of scallops hit the trash can.

The women took a different approach, going for perfection instead of speed. The strategy worked, getting them three perfect plates before the men completed one.

Barbie and Tiffany maintained the quality control, preparing half the required plates on their own. The remaining women managed the other three plates, giving the red team their second challenge win. The men only finished two scallop plates.

While the men cleaned up the mess outside and prepped the kitchens, the women took a yacht to Catalina with Chef Ramsay. Once there, they went ziplining; something everyone but Roshni enjoyed. She got stuck up in the air.

The women returned refreshed and ready to go. The men, while tired, declared they’d use teamwork to pull off a dinner service win. However, neither kitchen lived up to their claims. Robyn and Barbie quickly got into a silly confrontation, while Don sunk the blue team right off the bat. He cooked pizza that burnt on one side and raw on the other.

Briana added to the women’s frustration by preparing three risotto dishes of varying color, all for the same table. One was light. One was medium. One was dark. Chef Ramsay asked why she didn’t combine the three in the last step to unite their color.

On the blue team, Guy made certain his risotto cut the muster. Chef Ramsay complimented him on his effort. But, in the dining area, Brian cooked scallops to order that were either raw or overcooked. That incurred Ramsay’s wrath.

Forty-five minutes passed before a single appetizer left the women’s kitchen. Even then, Barbie mistakenly cooked only eight scallops for an order of ten. That meant the team had to start over. She continued to falter through a few more plates before getting the rhythm.

Chris also failed on the men’s scallops. He either under or over cooked each batch; wasting a lot of food. After six chefs took to the fish station, they managed to get out one plate of decent scallops. Then, they kept the momentum going.

Two hours into the dinner, both kitchens were ready to begin entrée service. But that stalled quickly in the red kitchen when Barbie refused to communicate with Robyn to coördinate their dishes.

In the blue kitchen, Chris tried to serve raw bass while Royce prepared bland mashed potatoes. That got the men off to a rough start.

When Tiffany got the idea to cook six bass with only two needed, Chef Ramsay blew his cork over the food waste. Frustrated with the women, he shut them down.

The men failed with steaks, which was even worse given that the Hell’s Kitchen winner will run Ramsay’s new steak house. The chef shut their kitchen down too.

Neither team won the dinner service. Both had to nominate two people for elimination. The women nominated Barbie for her appetizer failure and Roshni just because they felt like it. The men nominated Chris and Royce, both of which slowed their appetizer momentum.

After thinking, Ramsay sent Barbie and Royce back to safety, leaving Roshni and Chris up for elimination. In the end, it was Chris who got sent home.

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