‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Recap: The Chefs Ditch Red and Blue For Black

The chefs of Hell’s Kitchen Season 10 finally achieved a goal. They made it from red and blue to black.

All of the chefs wanted the coveted black jacket. It meant they’d made it into the last six. However, with multiple failed dinner services, it looked as though none of them would get there.

This week started off with a first for the cooking competition.

Team Challenge

The chefs got tasked with preparing three dishes from the usual menu — risotto, cod and lamb. However, each chef cooked alone with 15-minute intervals. Then he or she must hand the dishes off to a team member with 15 seconds of communication.

Dana got the red kitchen off to a good start by getting the lamb in the oven. However, she completely ignored the raw risotto, which needed starting too. The mistake proved fatal come tasting time.

Justin started the blue kitchen by setting everything up for Clemenza. Taking time to do that unfortunately took valuable moments away from cooking. That proved another mistake.

The dishes were on the plate when time got called. However, Clemenza forgot the cod broth. The red team’s fish wasn’t cooked because Christine took it out of the oven too soon. No point got awarded.

The women burnt the risotto because they tried to make up time by turning up the flame. The blue team didn’t even try that. They just served crunchy risotto. Again, no point got awarded.

The red team’s lamb was too rare. Plus, Barbie butchered it during cutting. The blue team’s lamb was still raw because they failed to put it in the oven early on. No point got awarded.

That left the score zero to zero. There was no winning team. Everyone remained in the kitchen to clean and prep for dinner service.

Before service started, Chef Ramsay enticed the chefs by showing them the black jacket. The strategy worked for some but failed for others.

Elimination Challenge

Clemenza and Justin got the blue kitchen off to a good start by pushing out appetizers. Christine did the same in the red kitchen. However, Chef Ramsay chastised her for cooking too much product. When she nearly poured the left over risotto into a new pan, the chef chastised her once again; demanding she begin a brand new pan.

In the blue kitchen, five orders of risotto hit Clemenza at once. Instead of cooking all the orders in one pan, he tried to cook them separately. They led to dishes of differing color which disappointed Chef Ramsay. Clemenza started over.

Barbie offered Christina help in the red kitchen. She also warned the chef that her flame was too high and was causing the dish to burn. Unfortunately, Christina ignored her and sent burnt risotto to the pass.
With Barbie’s help afterwards, Christina pushed out the rest of appetizers and started on main dishes.

The blue kitchen finally got their appetizers out too and moved to entrees. Unfortunately, Brian screwed up the meat, presenting three different types to the pass; raw, medium rare and medium well. He started over again.

Meanwhile, to save her garnish, Robyn put it in the oven. When Chef Ramsay caught her, blamed her actions on the men; saying they told her to put it there.

Next, Justin stumbled on the fish by bringing re-heated cod to the pass. Chef Ramsay expressed frustration.

The red kitchen successfully finished their dinner service, which proved good. Barbie ended up helping Brian after he over-cooked the blue kitchen’s Beef Wellington. Tired of waiting, people in the blue dining room starting leaving. However, Barbie saved the day by pushing the remaining dishes out before everyone left their tables.

The winning team was obvious. The blue team scowled as the women of the red team received their black jackets. Then they headed upstairs to decide which two names to put up for elimination.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t decide so Chef Ramsay called all four members of the blue team forward. Clemenza and Justin received their black jackets. That left either Brian or Robyn out of the finals. In the end, Robyn stayed while Brian went home, losing his chance at a Hell’s Kitchen win.

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