‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Season 10 Offers No Real Chef Contenders So Far

It seems like the talent on Fox’s première chef show gets worse, instead of better, with each passing year. So far, Hell’s Kitchen Season 10 is offering not one worthy chef contender for Gordon Ramsay’s Vegas steak house. In fact, this may the weakest group of chefs in Hell’s history.

Last night, the show began where it left off last week. The chefs were preparing for a fashion night dinner service.

Although Chef Ramsay gave the group specific instructions about how food would be served, some chefs didn’t listen. Clemenza started cooking scallops before the first fashion show began. That’s despite the fact that appetizers wouldn’t be served until after the show.

Ramsay caught the mistake and bemoaned the loss of four orders of scallops right off the bat. He chastised Clemenza for his actions but he also chastised the rest of the blue team for not stopping them.

Because timing was crucial, Chef called Royce and Kimmie to the pass to help him plate. That way food could leave the kitchen quickly and efficiently.

Both teams started off on a negative note. The sheer number of scallop orders overwhelmed Clemenza and quickly put him behind. Guy eventually stepped forward to help him. However, his help proved unsuccessful. He screwed up the appetizers, leaving another chef to pick up the slack.

The girls started badly too with their first scallops coming out overcooked, but without color. However, they bounced back quickly and got their appetizers out a full 10 minutes before the men.

After the second fashion show, it was time for main dishes. Robyn handled the beef for the women, while Tiffany supposedly cooked the swordfish. However, she conned Christine into doing the job for her. Then she threw her rival chef under the bus after she opted to serve a cold filet on her own.

Guy cooked beef for the men with Clemenza handling his specialty dish — swordfish. Although the big guy experienced a couple of hiccups, he soon got into the rhythm and finished with Guy’s on again, off again help.

The women, however, maintained the lead. Kimmie’s near perfect plating at the pass became the icing on their near perfect cake.

Royce’s was slow at plating as he sought to outshine Kimmie at the pass. He also used a dirty rage to wipe the plates, which angered Chef Ramsay to no end.

It was after service that Chef Ramsay really lost it. He found a pan full of wasted grilled swordfish. After asking the men why they cooked so much excess fish, Clemenza claimed Royce mixed up the pass orders. An argument ensued, leaving no one certain who actually caused the mistake. Still, Ramsay was not happy with the food waste.

Minor errors plagued the men all night long, which lost them the challenge. The win went to the red team.

After discussing who deserved elimination, the men agreed wholeheartedly on one candidate — Clemenza. The big guy took offense to the nomination given that a lot of the dinner service rested on his shoulders and, for the most part, he carried it off.

The second men’s nomination was more difficult. Some nominated Guy for his mess ups with beef. Others tried to blame Brian for not bailing Clemenza out of hot water.

Clemenza decided everything was Patrick’s fault because he didn’t personally jump him to help him out. Royce echoed sentiments that Patrick was a lousy leader.

In the end, the decision was left up to Roshni to decide the second nominee. She went with Guy.

When Ramsay asked each member of the blue team which man should go home, the entire team named Clemenza. However, the chef did not agree. He liked the big man’s passion and his willingness to work it out. Instead, Ramsay sent Guy packing.

No Season 10 contender has emerged as a leader so far. The closest the women have is Christine, but can she really command a kitchen? She hasn’t done that so far.

The men have Patrick, who’s willing to lead, but does he really have the chops to do it correctly? Right now, there’s little hope for Hell’s Kitchen Season 10.

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