Hell’s Kitchen Season 7: Episode 7 Recap- Steak Diane

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For the first challenge tonight, teams will have to update 3 classic dishes that a couple that has been married for 50 years, had at their wedding 50 years ago, and put a modern spin on it.

The first dish is Steak Diane.

Nilka did nothing with it that has anything to do with the original. Ed’s dish goes over much better and he earns a point for his blue team.

But just when you think the blue team is going to run away with it, Autumn reveals two little chicken meatball on her plate for the Chicken Kiev round. Salvatore is going to have to take the fall for that since it was his idea. Holli has nowhere to go but up and wins a point for her team. It all comes down to Ben, Jay, and a tie because the couple can’t agree on which dish they like more. Ramsay breaks the tie and picks red… either because he feels bad for them or because Ben’s dish really was that much better.

The blue team will have to decorate the restaurant for dinner and prepare a three tier anniversary cake as their punishment. Putting together the dance floor seems to be a bit of a challenge for them. The red team, on the other hand, is picked up in classic cars and brought to a 50s themed diner.

As soon as the anniversary dinner gets underway, the cake starts to look like it’s going to tip over. Jay and Ed secure it, then rush back to work on the appetizers. Both teams have their good and bad moments. They get dishes out fairly quickly to the diners but they run into problems from cold appetizers to slowing up on the garnishes for the entrées. Chef Ramsay feels that everybody should’ve been 100% on top of their game but singles out Fran, Salvatore, and Holli for their weak performances.

The red team now has to nominate two people for elimination, choosing Fran and Siobhan to face Chef Ramsay.

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Hell’s Kitchen Season 7: Episode 7 Recap- Steak Diane

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