Help Zachary Update: Zachary Christie is Headed Back to School!

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The school board meeting to determine the fate of first grader Zachary Christie (Help Zachary) had a great outcome last night and young Zachary is now back to school! The school board voted to change the punishments for weapons/violence infractions in cases of kintergardeners and first-graders to 3-5 day suspensions and no reform school. More changes to the code of conduct and punishments are may follow as well.

Zachary’s mom sent a text message this morning to Today Show producers letting them know he was getting on the bus!

As you may recall from my post yesterday, Zachary Christie was suspended from his Newark, Delaware school for 5 days for bringing a campaign utensil to use for his lunch which included, in addition to the fork and spoon, a knife. He was then dealt another blow under the school’s zero tolerance weapons policy and told he had to attend 45 days of reform school before being allowed to return to class. Last night, the 45 day reform school decision was overturned.

You can read more about Last Night’s School Board Descision on the Today Show website.

Do you agree with the school board decision?



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