her hands

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her hands


of all the things her hands could do

like pinch or slap or harm

I love them just how they are now

so gentle – loving – warm

they’re creamed and scented – manicured -

their touch is whisper-soft

caressing – touching everywhere -

they send my soul aloft

her fingertips leave sensate trails

electric on my skin

creating goose bumps in their wake -

whate’er she wants, she’ll win

she slowly traces burning lips

and whispers in my ear

“just lie back there and let me love…”

I try to persevere

her fingertips are magical

her palms are satin smooth

with artistry she touches all

the need in me she’ll soothe

she writes “I love you” on my chest

in ink not seen but felt -

she circumnavigates my chest

and I begin to melt

she touches, tickles, tempts, torments -

she fondles, feels, and finds

she brings me to the edge and waits

aware what’s on my mind

her hands bring out the beast in me

that’s howling to be calmed -

she has me right where she wants me -

there, eating from her palm



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