Her Prayerful Breath.

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She sat on the grass
beneath the summer sun

looking at you
as if for the first time

and as she looked at you
you looked beyond her

at the distant sky
and how the clouds

resembled a woman’s bust
and how humorous it was

when an airplane
went right through

on its way to some far off land
and as she took your hand

she said things about love
and how she felt

and did you feel the same
and you taking the image

of the airplane
and woman’s entered bust

said oh yes of course
trying not to let it show

on your 14 year old face
how funny that image seemed

and not realizing how deeper
and more loving she was

back then beneath
that summer sky

with you thinking
of that day and her

and her later death
and you hearing

in the silence
of the drawn out dawn

her soft words
in her prayerful breath.

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A man who seeks truth and friendship and hopes for abetter world.

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