Herding Ducks…a detailed instruction for those who may need to know. For SatWE

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If you have “free range” ducks and intend to move them from one location to another, this may be helpful.


1.  Identify your destination.

2.  Create a clear path that is free of diversional routes.  An exit into the brambles

     will complicate your mission greatly.  Avoid the brambles completely.

3.  At the final destination, set a pond-like container on the ground. 

     It could be a large basin, a kiddie wading pool or even an old camping cooler.

4.  Turn on the water and fill the container but let the water run so that the

     sound is attractive to your herd.  Water flowing over the top of a container

     is like heavenly harps for ducks.   Ducks can hear the sound of running water

     from a great distance.

5.  Take two long branches, one for each arm, and carry them with you as you

      slow walk behind the ducks so that the herd is between you and the destination.

6.  Gently extend the branches to make your arms look very long and begin to walk

      slowly toward the ducks.  Slow walking and a gentle fanning of the branches

      alerts the ducks to move away from you.  Rapid movements will frighten them

      and they will bolt in every direction.  You do not want that!


7.  Watch for the “darters” and use your branches to keep them with the herd.

      Slow and gentle movements please.  Cursing and flailing your arms will only

      complicate your task so keep your feelings to yourself.

8.  As the  ducks become aware of the water flow, they will  move themselves

     as if they had created the whole, blasted plan. 

9.  When they all arrive at the water, close off the path back to the former site.

10.  Offer them a pan of grain for their hard work.

10.  Say “Good Quacksters, how smart you were to find fresh water.”

11.  Don’t forget to turn off the hose.


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