Here is the best argument against global warming

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Oh, right. There isn’t one.

The above is how Peter Gleick, President of the Pacific Institute, starts off his commentary in the online version of the San Francisco Chronicle.  You can read it in its entirety here.
And that is the point.  The denialists (as I call them; he uses the term denier) have NEVER offered any argument that explains global warming.  As Gleick writes:


There is no good argument against global warming. In all the brouhaha about tiny errors recently found in the massive IPCC report, the posturing by global climate deniers, including some elected officials, leaked emails, and media reports, here is one fact that seems to have been overlooked:

Those who deny that humans are causing unprecedented climate change have never, ever produced an alternative scientific argument that comes close to explaining the evidence we see around the world that the climate is changing.

He also points out the problems caused because scientists follow scientific principles but denialists are held to an asymmetrical standard where they can simply say “no, no, no” without having to offer any ideas that explain what is being observed.  Scientists do science, denialists argue policy.  Another problem is the media who in the (stated) attempt to “balance” (but really to create controversy, which creates ratings, which creates ad revenues) effectively put the entire body of science up against the guy standing on the park bench yelling “Elvis Lives” as if their veracity should be accepted on an equal basis.

Gleick also offers this:

Here is the second best argument used by deniers against global warming, (but edited for children) from a message received by a colleague of mine:

“Mr. xxx, this is John Q. Public out here. Perhaps you don’t understand there’s no such thing as man-made global warming. I don’t care if you call it f!@%$#%@ing climate change, I don’t f!@%$#%@ing care what you call it. The same thing you communists tried in the 1970s. I’ve got a f!@%$#%@ing 75 articles from Newsweek Magazine stating we were making the earth freeze to death and we would have to melt the f!@%$#%@ing ice caps to save the earth. You, sir, and your colleagues, are progressive communists attempting to destroy America…Your f!@%$#%@ing agenda-driven, money-f!@%$#%@ing grabbing paws and understand there’s no such thing as global warming, you f!@%$#%@ing idiot and your f!@%$#%@ing colleagues.”

Nice, eh? Unfortunately, lots of climate scientists get emails and other messages like this. Note the careful reasoning? The persuasive and logical nature of the debate? The reference to the best scientific evidence from 1970 Newsweek magazines? Very compelling arguments, yes?

Yep, bullying, harassment, and ignorant ranting are common tactics of the denialists.  Gleick notes that:
Scientists are used to debating facts with each other, with the best evidence and theory winning. Well, this is a bar fight, where the facts are irrelevant, and apparently, the rules and tools of science are too. But who wins bar fights? As the Simpsons cartoon so brilliantly showed, bullies. Not always the guy who is right.


So where does that leave us?
For those of you who are confused, here is the science: Global Warming is Real!
And here is what the denialists offer: Exposing Climate Denialism

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