Here, take Paper Towns, it's way better than Twilight.

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Well it is. Compare the two.

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. 544 pages. Romantic story between a teen girl and a hundred year old vampire boy. Vampire boy is too good to be true, girl is somewhat passive, other than insisting that they get involved with each other much against the better judgement of the vampire boy. Nothing much happens other than minor evolution of their relationship and vampire boy saving her from certain death, twice. Audience? Teen girls who wish to to be swept away by romance, plus women of any age who wish to relive the feelings of first love, irrespective of character development or realism.

Paper Towns by John Green. 299 pages. Quentin has grown up next door to Margo Roth Spiegelman, the legendary queen of his high school in Orlando, Florida. They were childhood friends but he grew up nerdy. One fateful night, she knocks on his window, enlists his aid in eleven fateful tasks of vengeance, then disappears. Quentin is left with another task, figuring out where she is, why she left, and is she alive, from clues that she left behind. The many lessons of Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass are explored, and a road trip is inevitable, with Quentin's two best buds.  Audience: young adults who wish to explore the complex issues of the leap out of high school into adulthood, the lessons of literature, the sterility and limitations of suburban existence, and the painful reality that not all broken things can be fixed.  Also various adults who cherish well-written Young Adult literature.

Okay, first one is a girl book and second one in theory is more of a guy book, but please tell me which sounds more interesting to you?
By the way, probably twenty people have read Twilight for every one person who has read Paper Towns.

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