Here’s to Joey-thwe

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Her name, lets call her Joey. Joey is seven years my junior but I feel she is a lot smarter than I am. Sure I am better in some areas in that I am not shy to speak in public. She hates it and has anxiety just thinking about it. However, she has more real hard life experience than I do and has had to deal with two bad marriages, mental illness and two special needs kids who are young adults now.

Regardless of her circumstances she like to do things for people and who motto is “FIRST DO NO HARM”. Joey is a role model and should be for all that she has endured in life. For the most part, she has a positive attitude and a healthy self-esteem. She will fight against oppression and will readily tell the nay-sayers where to get off, and give accurate directions.

All right, that having been said, she uses all the negative experiences in order to help others in the same boat and passes on her knowledge. I have seen Joey stumble but gets back up and says “We won’t be doing that again.” I really admire where she has come from and possesses such inner strength, that would have totally crushed me in the same situation.

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