Hernia's & My Surgery

I am going in on Friday morning to have an inguinal hernia surgically repaired. This is a hernia in the groin area.

First, let me explain a little about hernia's. A hernia is when there is a weakness in the abdominal wall. That weak wall allows tissue to push through & can be painful. For some people, the intestine can push throught that wall & if left untreated, can pose serious risks.

Men are more apt to get hernia's than women. If you are obese then your risk for a hernia is increased, or if you have ever had abdominal surgery.

Hernia's can develops over time, as a result of excessive weight gain or loss, physical activity that has placed pressure on the abdomen, pregnancy, straining during bowel movements because of constipation, straining during urination because of an enlarged prostate, or chronic and intense coughing (smokers be careful). Because the abdominal wall is weak, the hernia occurs during abdominal strain.

Mine may be because I have had abdominal surgery in the past. It is hard to pinpoint exactly what has given a person their hernia.

An inguinal hernia causes a bulge in the groin area, which can extend to the scrotum area for men. Typically a painless hernia. Although mine is painful with exertion. Last weekend I worked at a festival selling plants and moving all the heavy 3 gallon, 5 gallon & 7 gallon containers left me in pain by mid-day.

To diagnose a hernia, a Dr. may have you cough while laying down & while standing. Sometimes the hernia is only visible when standing. Another test to have done is an Ultrasound. I had to go in for an ultrasound after I had my first visit with the Dr. I suspect this is more to find the exact location & to also see how large the hernia is. The Ultrasound can also show the Dr if the bowels are pushing through the hernia, or if it is only tissue. Mine, thankfully is only tissue.

The surgery to repair an inguinal hernia can be done 2 ways, laproscopically, or herniorrhaphy, which involve's a large incision and a long recovery period. I beleive, because of where mine is located, that my surgery will be the herniorrhapy – which is probably why the Dr. wants me to take 1 week off of work. So far I have scheduled 4 days at home (with the weekend) and will see how I feel on Monday evening to see if I feel like I can return to my light-duty desk job.

The Dr. will use a piece of mesh to cover the herniated area & the mesh will stay in place, strengthening the abdominale wall. Like a tire patch.

So, that is an update on me, and a little lesson on hernia's that you didn't know you needed to know

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