Heroic Shelter Dog Saves Florida Girl from Sex Offender Attack

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A shelter dog named Mabeline saved a 17-year-old Florida girl from an attack by a sex offender. The animal is being called a hero for her actions in helping protect the teen when she was attacked while volunteering.

Shelter Dog Saves Florida Girl From Sex Offender AttackThe teen volunteered at the Friends of Strays shelter in St. Petersburg when the registered sex offender named Michael Paul Bacon attacked her. The teen was taking the shelter dog for a walk when the man grabbed her and wrestled her to the ground. Mabeline leapt into action, and she scared the attacker away saving the 17-year-old Florida girl from a worse attack.

The shelter’s director, Beverly Passe, said of Mabeline, “She was a wonderful stray dog who came to us, and we were able to place her in a forever home. We have plenty more like her who need homes, too.”

The dog’s new owner was not even aware of her pet’s heroic actions. Once she learned of Mabeline’s quick response, she let the dog know that she was indeed a hero.

Thank goodness the shelter dog was there with the teen. How awful that she was attacked while doing something like volunteering at an animal shelter. Can you believe it? It is wonderful that Mabeline has a new home, and hopefully the teen is recovering from her ordeal because it had to be incredibly scary for her even though the dog scared Bacon away before things went too far, and the girl was able to escape.

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