Hey Tuck, Look What Came in the Mail Today!

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The other day, Tuck was all excited about a large package that came in the mail.  When Mstress Elizabeth opened the package what should he see but a beautiful throwing stick.


"Oh, I can hardly wait to go over to the bogs with this new toy.  What fun I will have.  The Mistress will throw it and I will run like the wind and catch it."

But that didn't pan out the way Tuck had imagined it.  Instead, he was tied to a bush and the Mistress first and then the Master kept hurling the stick into the air.  Then, the non-thrower would fetch it.  All the while our poor Tuck just sat and watched.



But today, what should come in the mail while the Mistress was in school but another package….


"Tuck, look over here…a package came in the mail. Should we not open it before the Mistress comes home.  Could be another fetching stick or maybe a box of chocolates.  You know how I love chocolates.  Let's open it."


"Ohhhh, Sophia, I don't know about that….the Mistress could be pretty disappointed with us if she caught us opening the mail.  I think we best leave it for her."

"Oh, Tuck, your such a goody two-shoes.  Let's just have a peek.  Here, I will throw it down to you.  It's wrapped really good and I don't want to ruin my claws.  You know, I am the Queen of Gather and a Queen should have manicured claws."

"If you insist, Sophia.  You are the wise one.  I will just have a peek."

The image

"Oh my, Sophia.  It's a book….it's a book about me, I should think.  Ummm, it says it's from that guy Aaron Lazar.  Ohhhh, it says he loved our review of his book Tremelo and he just wanted to send us a thank you.  Let's see, A Dog's Life by Peter Mayle.  That Lazar fellow, he sure is nice.

"Tuck, what is the book about?  Tell me…just don't lay there looking like a ninny!"


"Well, the New York Times Book Review says it's "Ingenious…a take on dog life that collides with the sweet mythology of Men's Best Friend. But Sophia what I really like is the author's note.  Listen to this:

"My story is based on actual events.  However, following the current autobiographical custom adopted by politicians in their memoirs, I have adjusted the truth whereever it might reflect unfavorably on myself."

"My goodness, I think I'm going to like this book.  Sophia can you send a note off to Aaron and say thank you."

"I'll do that right now Tuck….and I'm also going to send an email off to the New York Times… maybe they would like us to do book reviews.  What do you think about that Tuck?"

"Sophia, do what you have to do.  But we still have a big problem?  How are we going to explain to the Mistress that we opened a package for her?"

"No problem at all.  The Master always takes a nap in the late afternoon.  We'll just put the book on his chest and the Mistress will think he opened the book.  Problem solved."

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