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Even though I moved away from South Louisiana a long time ago, I think a part of me stayed! Though I guess here on the internet, we can be anywhere we want, can’t we? So while you’re visiting my page, just imagine some nice, steamy heat (you might wilt, but it’s great for your skin), glorious seafood gumbo (I use my momma’s recipe – the best!), and a tall glass of iced tea – or sweet tea, as we call it. I can’t let anyone visit me without giving them food. And neither can my four sisters (yes, four, but there were always great clothes to borrow!) or my momma, who is where we got it from. Once, years ago, someone’s new boyfriend was at the house. Over the course of about ten minutes, each of us went through the living room and offered him some food or drink to which he kept saying no. Finally, my Daddy pulled him aside, and said, “Son, just get something to drink in one hand, and something to eat in the other or you’ll never get left alone.”  So maybe it’s good that this visit is on the web!

Anyway, I’m thrilled to be here, and hope you’ll enjoy your look around. My second novel, The Safety of Secrets, is coming out this May with Avon A/HarperCollins. Bestselling writer Dani Shapiro calls it “almost impossible to put down, a hilarious look at Hollywood, a nuanced portrait of a friendship and its secrets, and a moving testament to the power effects of a destructive mother.” You can see the synopsis and more blurbs at my website. And check out a video of the cover shoot. The girls were so darling and wonderful, it made me want to be ten again. I’ve also got some other videos in the works, so while you wait for Hollywood to catch up with new programming now that the strike is over (hooray!), stop back in to peek at those. I’d love to hear what you think of them – just drop me a line.  I’ll be going on tour for the book, and I’ll get that schedule up here soon. It’d be great to meet you at one of my stops. And I won’t push any food on you – promise! 


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