HGTV ‘Design All Stars’ Recap: Dancing With The Stars

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This week on HGTV Design All Stars five contestants battle it out for the top prize of $25,000 and an appearance on HGTV.

The five remaining contestants are: Hilari, from season seven; Tom, from season five; Leslie, from season six; Sparkle Josh, from season two; and Dan, from season four. They are headed to Hermosa Beach, California to design the condo of celebrities Anna Trebunskya and Jonathan Roberts, of Dancing With The Stars.

The contestants have three days to complete the challenge. They are given a budget of $20,000, two carpenters and painters. They also need to shoot a short camera challenge to engage viewers with a design tip.

The designers meet Anna and Jonathan. Anna wants the living room/dining room combo decorated in blues and greens. They need to have a fluid room for the times they rehearse in their living room. Jonathan wants a bar or a work area incorporated into his man-cave. He would like a map of the world and he wants to keep his dartboard and a large wall mounted TV.

Hilari suggests that the boys handle Jonathan’s side of the condo and the girls will tackle Anna’s side. Of course, Sparkle Josh has to go with the girls. They are going to share the money, $10,000 for each room. Sparkle chooses aquatic colors of blues and greens. Hilari wants to do stripes with blue and grey.

Tom and Dan begin to tackle the man-cave. Tom’s ADD takes over and he talks 100 miles per hour and runs multiple ideas past Dan. Dan is feeling overwhelmed with the lack of focus.

The designers head over to Pier 1 Imports to purchase items. The guys get a few more board games for Jonathan’s room. David Bromstad walks in and it’s time for the camera challenge. For this challenge, the contestants need to talk about shopping tips.

Tom just keeps talking and talking. Dan is about done with all the chatter. He needs to have a heart to heart with Tom. They do and Dan realizes it’s just a nervous twitch, so all is well.

Leslie calls Tom and Dan and asks them if they have an extra $300 that they can have. Really? Leslie just spent $540 on a mirror. And, Anna and Jonathan didn’t really want a mirror.

The drapes arrive and are hung. The furniture is delivered. Things seem to be coming together. With just 30 minutes left, Leslie begins to rearrange things and Hilari wants to smack her. Sparkle Josh is also frustrated with Leslie’s moving items around. She thinks everything looks perfect…but is it? Time is up and Hilari feels a tightness in her chest that she’s never experienced. Tom and Dan, on the other hand, are very pleased with their room and relaxed.

The design panelists arrive: Vern Yip, Monica Peterson, and Genevieve Gorder. They begin to review the rooms. The first room being reviewed is Jonathan’s man-cave. Vern does not like the blue wall color. He say’s, “It looks a little grandma.” Then they lookat the Anna’s room. Vern brings up the fact that the mirror doesn’t work above the fireplace and that Anna and Jonathan didn’t want a mirror. The strips on the walls are not loved, either. Monica comments that with a little editing the space would be fabulous.

It’s time for the contestants to face the panelists for a showdown. Anna and Jonathan love the rooms. Their comment is, “Absolutely gorgeous.”

The panelists comment that the stripes in Anna’s room should have been a softer palette like tone on tone. The chandelier was not perfect either. It was hung too low. The mirror was a disaster. They didn’t like the way Leslie had rearranged the smaller items in the room.

The judging is done and the panelists reveal the most successful room was Jonathoan’s den. Tom is the design winner. Both Tom and Dan are safe. Next, Hilari is safe. The person going home is either Leslie or Sparkle Josh. Sparkle Josh is let go. They didn’t like the pedestal he created for the floor lamp and they didn’t like the height of the chandelier.

Next week four finalists battle it out for the $25,000. Do you have a favorite?

HGTV Design All Stars airs on HGTV Tuesdays 9 p.m./8C

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