Hidden UFO Revealed by Samsung Night Vision App? (Video)

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A video on YouTube claims to have caught a UFO on an iPhone. That in itself is not so amazing (anymore) but this user says the object only became visible when filmed with a night vision app. Is that possible?

The video is not actually a video in the strictest sense of the word. Rather, it’s a video showing a string of still photos taken with a Samsung Galaxy Night Vision App. The quality of the photos is outstanding and the images, in and of themselves, are quite striking, as can be seen here.

But it’s kind of hard to check the veracity of this UFO sighting. How does one know the object can’t be seen without the night vision filter? Couldn’t there have been a “Before” and “After” shot? What is this thing, exactly?

As far as the object itself goes, it’s bright, it’s shiny and it’s round. That makes it of the silver orb variety, which is among the most populous of unidentified flying object videos currently being posted to the web. So there’s that.

But, it does point out that, if this is true, this is an entirely new way to report sightings that has not been done before, and it’s all due to new technology. That’s a good thing.

It remains to be seen if this new kind of incident reporting shows any real results, but it’s certainly an exciting breakthrough in this field.

Keep watching the sky!

Even at night…

Here’s the video:

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