Hidden video of Barack Obama at Harvard Law protest is coming out! (Video)

A video of Barack Obama, law student, at Harvard protest defending a radical professor. The video was hidden during the 2008 presidential campaign because Obama’s supporters said it would hurt his chances for election.

Andrew Breibart recently dropped dead during a walk at the ripe old age of 48. Breibart had the video and said he would expose Obama. There are some conspiracy theorists who find conservative Breibart’s death suspicious.

Here is the link to the parts of the video that have now been released. What does it reveal? It shows a radical Barack Obama with his wonderful voice hugging this radical professor who believes in racial divide. It exposes Obama for the radical he is, and why he went to the Rev. Wright’s church. He dumped Wright because of his views, and we should dump Obama for his views. We don’t need a man who believes in racial division in such a powerful office.

You can bet that there will be more on this video to come during the year 2012.

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