Hide the children: Lindsay Lohan freed on bail

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Today was the day the California courts finally threw the book at Lindsay Lohan, unexpectedly handcuffing her and hauling her away to jail, denying her bail after she tested positive twice for drugs, a violation of her probation. But wait: It looks like a new judge is overruling the “no bail” decision and setting the troubled actress free. It’s hard to see how this will send a message to the young addict.

Though Lindsay Lohan was initially denied bail by Judge Elden Fox, a judge has overruled that decision and set bail for Lohan at $300,000, TMZ has learned. Judge Patricia Schnegg has decided that because Lilo’s crime is a misdemeanor, she has the right to bail. Lohan is expected to be freed within a few hours. This is apparently consistent with California law in misdemeanor cases.

Of course, the bail comes with a boatload of stipulations. For instance, Lohan will have to avoid consorting with known drug users, and will have to stay away from night clubs, even though they call to her like a mermaid from the rocks. Will she be able to control herself, given this one last chance? Is this really a one last chance? So far, Lilo has proven herself to be as unable as the legal system to take her situation seriously.

Given her legal problems, Lohan has been infamously unable to work of late. There’s Inferno and a handful of other projects, but her financial troubles are well documented. Which begs the question: Where is the $300,000 coming from? Celebrities seem able to simply produce large amounts of cash in situations like these. It’s hard to imagine Lilo’s new clothing line is bringing in a profit this early, no matter how skimpy her sister, Ali’s, outfits may be. And Lilo doesn’t seem exactly overwhelmed with friends and supporters these days.

In any event, we’ll know in shortly if she’s managed to scrape together nearly a half million dollars.

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