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I’ve been MIA here on Gather a lot recently.  I’m not on every day anymore and when I am on I usually only stay for an hour max.  I read a little and comment a little less.  I haven’t had any time to write and posting pictures is usually a total waste of time.  I’ve had so much to talk about but little urge to write it all down.  But I’ve decided to come out of hiding for a few minutes! 

First order of business is that for the first time in weeks I went to the photo uploader to add a few pictures to this post and once I got there it never allowed me to click on the button to start uploading.  Guess I’m not allowed…what a PIA!  Is this just my problem or is it happening to others?

WELL…my pictures were going to officially announce my BIG news.  I am 16 weeks, 5 days PREGNANT!  I found out on August 5th with a home pregnancy test.  I wasn’t sure how far along I was but knew that my last period was right around the second week of June so by my estimate my due date was March 21, 2010.  Why did I not wonder after missing my period in July?  Because my grandma almost died while I was at her house at the end of June.  I was there with just her and my 3 kids and it was super stressful so I figured that was why I missed it.  By the end of July something felt wrong and I decided to buy the test as soon as possible.  Of course, I had to find this out just as I was looking for a PT job because we are in need of extra money.  No one will hire a pregnant woman, even if they don’t say that’s why.   

After waiting 2 months for insurance bull I was finally able to get a doctor’s appointment on Oct. 2.  That was one just to go over some stuff and we listened to the heartbeat (and found it right away!) which was 160.  My blood pressure was 112/68 so everything was great!  My real exam was for the following week (this week- Oct. 6th).  I had to get a pap and that was just miserable.  I don’t know why they hurt me so bad but it feels like someone tried to turn my uterus inside-out.  It happens every time.  The doc. felt around and figured the same day I did for my due date.  Heart rate was 165 and my BP was 110/60.  Still great.  :)  I was also scheduled for an ultrasound for Oct. 7 (yesterday).  It was to get a better idea of the due date and make sure baby was okay.  I went in not expecting a whole lot.  All of my previous ultrasounds were at 20 weeks, lasted 15 minutes and I only got one for each pregnancy.  This time was very different.  At the beginning she asked if I wanted to know the sex, which I did (I just didn’t think we could find out this early).  She showed me everything and explained it all to me.  We looked at bones and the heart and the umbillical cord.  She took a lot of time looking at each part.  I watched as baby started rolling around all over the place and was just amazed that I couldn’t feel one bit of it.  I knew the baby was very small still but thought I’d at least feel a little something when the flipping was going on or legs were stretching out.  She said that baby was 6 ounces and that based on head measurements we are 16 weeks, 4 days and due on March 20th!  So we weren’t far off at all.  The doctor came in and looked everything over and said that the anatomy looked fantastic and that it was one cute baby (I bet she says that to all the moms, lol!).  She told me that she wanted me to come back in a few weeks to get a better look at growth and body parts so for the first time in all of my pregnancies I will be going back for a second ultrasound.  I’m very excited to get a second look at baby!!  

The best thing about this pregnancy is that I’m only showing and gaining weight like I did with my first pregnancy.  With my second I gained tons of weight instantly and got big all over.  With my third I gained instantly again but was able to manage my weight better than with the second.  This time, even though I am 4 months along I have still managed to fool many people in the family- most are still asking if I’ve lost weight!! (I didn’t, I’ve already gained 15 lbs but just in my belly) 

So…is it a BOY or a GIRL???  If you want to know, check out my pictures which I will be posting in a moment :D 



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