Hieroglyphic of Purple Lotuses

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A vocal recording. A performance poem.


Direct link to SoundClick: Hieroglyphic of Purple Lotuses.

Music, the last half of Ka eN’s, “Oriental Dreams (shortened for the length of the poem, do listen to the whole track, it’s lovely).

A poetry recording – I continue experimenting with vocal patterns. :-) My son called this one “trippy.” Rather a compliment, I felt. :-)

With special thanks to Robert A. for his invaluable advice on how to create better recordings.


A poem on poetry. Surreal, with an interweaving love poem.

The first writing ever discovered is of accounts, financial dealings. Not myth, or poetry: 

“First our bodies; then our souls. 
I owe you; you owe me; they owe us; we owe them.” 

History – the Rossetta Stone, the key to reading the hieroglyphics of Ancient Egyptian language. Translation. 

How we translate each other. 

The strange and mystical magic of Ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses, their stately and regal motion, on a barge in the landscape of our surreal dreams: 

“Or why the barge transporting 
stone still gods with the heads of 
wearing Khonsu headdresses, 
full moons on crescent moons, 
is heaped with purple 

great snake who 
fertilizes the 
cosmic egg. 


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