High-Price Escort ‘Kelly Lundy’ Is Actually Olympian Suzy Favor Hamilton

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Kelly Lundy was just another gorgeous, high-price escort to the strangers who paid her $600 an hour for sex, but the blonde bombshell just couldn’t resist revealing who she really was to some of her clients. And now the 44-year-old probably regrets telling them that her real name is Suzy Favor Hamilton.

As many may already know, Favor Hamilton is an American middle distance runner who competed in the 1992, 1996, and 2000 Olympic Games. Because of her good looks, she scored lots of endorsement deals and appeared in the pages of many magazines.

The Smoking Gun recently broke the shocking story about the Olympian’s secret life, revealing that Favor Hamilton has been working as an escort for the past year. She traveled all over the country to hook up with clients of an illegal escort service called Haley Heston’s Private Collection, and she was one of the escort service’s top-rated “models.”

So how could a famous Olympian end up working for an escort service? Was Suzy Favor Hamilton unable to find work after her days as a professional athlete ended? Did she become a victim of addiction who needed money to pay for her habit? Nope—Suzy is married to a lawyer; is the mother of a 7-year-old girl; runs a real estate brokerage; and does promotional work for Disney. In fact, she was arranging meetings with her Haley Heston clients while she traveled the country to make appearances for the Disney and Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon running series.

According to Suzy, she enjoyed her secret life as Kelly Lundy because she found the work “exciting.” It might be hard for most people to understand why someone as successful as Suzy would enjoy a lifestyle most people look down upon, but perhaps the work was like a drug to Suzy—maybe doing something illegal and taboo gave her an adrenaline rush (like a “runner’s high”), or maybe she just enjoyed the way men lavished attention on her. And some people just aren’t happy if they aren’t making their lives complicated and messy. Maybe Suzy revealed who she really was to some of her clients as a form of self-sabotage.

Obviously this line of work complicated things with Suzy’s husband, who was surprisingly aware of her second life. Unsurprisingly, he begged her to quit.

So Suzy enjoyed being an escort so much that she was willing to risk losing a man who stood beside her when most men would walk away in disgust, and she was also risking hurting her daughter—what will her little girl think when she learns about her mother’s second life someday?

It’s pretty obvious that Suzy needs to talk to a therapist in order to fully understand why she decided to become an escort. She owes her family a satisfactory explanation, and she needs to find out if she was using her new job as a way to cope with a mental or emotional issue that can be dealt with in a healthier way.

She’ll have to do something now that her secret is out—her days as an escort are obviously over, so she won’t be able to use sex with strangers to fill the void in her life anymore. Hopefully she figures things out, and hopefully her family finds a way to cope with all the negative attention that her shocking story will get.

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