‘High School Moms’ a ‘Teen Mom’ Copy?

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It seems that when one reality show does well, a bunch of copy-cat shows come along and wear out the idea. Case in point, TLC will be airing High School Moms, but they want you to know that it is nothing like MTV’s hit show Teen Mom.

One of the girls on the show is named Amber (already seeing a similarity?) and she says, “I believe the show is different because it is reality; it’s real. We’re not glamorizing pregnancy, we’re just letting people know that teen pregnancy is hard. We do have struggles, but we can get through those struggles and continue our education. We do what we have to do to make our lives better for our kids.”

The show will differ from MTV’s in the sense that TLC’s version follows girls around their school, where there is also a daycare. Of course, if they are at a school, there is bound to be drama (you remember high school, right?) The show may not intentionally glamorize teen pregnancy, but having shows like this to begin with can be trouble. When girls watch High School Moms, they will see that some schools actually make it easier on young teen parents and may not deter young girls as much as shows like Teen Mom do. At least that show has chronicled the girls’ troubles finishing school, showing that it isn’t always easy.

Amber went on to say, “I think when people see the show, they are going to fall in love with our girls. They are all such amazing young women and that really comes across in the show.”

Sounds a lot like a copy-cat show, but viewers can decide for themselves Sunday night at 8 p.m on TLC. Will you be watching?

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