Highlights From Taylor Lautner’s Appearance on Saturday Night Live (VIDEOS)

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Taylor Lautner hosted SNL last night and he had some really great moments. The opening monologue was by far my favorite sketch of the night though. Taylor Lautner addressed the rumors about dating Taylor Swift and did reenactment of how he wished the VMAs had played out with him standing up for a Taylor Swift cut out against a Kanye West using cut out. 

My take on that opening monologue sketch is that if not dating, Taylor Lautner is certainly close enough to Taylor Swift that she was cool with him doing that bit on the show. It really was quite funny.

Here is the video of the opening monologue:

Other SNL sketches that featured Taylor Lautner included:

 The Show Choir Skit: 

Eternal Spark of Love 

And finally, Football Taping:

Those should do it for the skits that Taylor Lautner was in. The rest of the show seemed devoted to the Tiger Woods scandal which given the amount of coverage it garnered this week I guess makes sense.

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