Hilarious Angry Birds Movie Trailer Spoof (Video)

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Are you ready for an Angry Birds movie? It’s not officially happening (yet), but in the meantime, Rooster Teeth Productions has released a really clever Angry Birds trailer spoof to tide everyone over – and to possibly give us a glimpse of things to come. It’s birds vs. pigs in this war film trailer (based on the wildly popular Angry Birds app, of course), and the pigs have no idea what’s coming!

The Angry Birds movie trailer spoof, uploaded on YouTube by Rooster Teeth over the weekend, provides a surprisingly thorough outline of a possible plot. When two ornithologists are murdered, a soldier is hired to rescue the stolen eggs left behind amongst the evil pigs. To successfully complete his mission, the soldier is given some special weapons: the Angry Birds. Oh, and he also gets a slingshot. If you’re addicted to Angry Birds, you get the idea.

Given the popularity of the Angry Birds app (more than 100 million downloads to date), an Angry Birds movie makes sense, though one would expect an animated version. A movie like this one though, done Michael Bay-style, might be amusing – the trailer certainly is!






Check out Rotten Teeth’s Angry Birds movie trailer below. Hilarious, no?

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