Hilary Duff: Baby Bump Under Radar No More!

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Hilary Duff’s baby bump may be the most ignored “bump” of its kind in Hollywood. While everyone seems fixated on Beyonce’s ever-changing size and shape and Jessica Simpson’s sad attempt to hide hers forever, Duff remains quietly pregnant.

Seriously, can’t Hilary Duff get a little love around here? Tabloids have been so busy trying to invent baby bumps for the likes of Jennifer Aniston and Kate Middleton for months now. Still, they ignore Ms. Duff and her quite real baby bump!

Of course, all of this changed this week when paparazzi chased down the expecting (and now showing) mother-to-be. The world has known that Duff and husband Mike Comrie have been expecting their first child, yet the publicity (by Hollywood celebrity standards) has been very quiet.

So, as the 24-year-old Hilary Duff “showed off” her baby bump to the chasing paparazzi on Wednesday, one has to wonder what the smirk that she gave the cameras really means. Is Hilary annoyed at being photographed while pregnant, or is she a little mad that she has not gotten the attention she feels she deserves…by not being hounded enough by the tabloids. Of course it is probably the former, but the later would be funny.

It just goes to show that “nice celebrities” like Hilary Duff can live a relatively normal life since they don’t command the attention of some other pregnant stars may. Of course, one good scandal would put Hilary (and her baby bump) right at the center of attention. If one is waiting for that to happen, don’t hold your breath!

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