Hilary Duff Dead? Yet Another Death Rumor

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‘Hilary Duff is Dead’ said the Twitter post! Another day, another fake celebrity death. Yep, Hilary is the latest celeb victim of the “[insert celebrity name here] is dead” trend, joining the likes of Adam Sandler, Hugh Hefner, and Justin Bieber.

Hilary Duff (2009)As it turns out, someone used the website GlobalAssociatedNews, which spins celebrity names and stories to create unique “news.” Someone decided to stick Duff’s name into the website, hit a button, and bingo… she is dead and the story is “still developing.”

As one might expect, several gullible Hilary Duff fans start to spread the rumor, hysterical that they have “lost” the favorite star.

However, there has been no word directly from Hilary on Twitter; rest assured that this is, in fact, a rumor. Hilary Duff is not dead, it is a hoax, and fans can now look forward to tonight’s Teen Choice Awards.


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Photo: Wildhartlivie, via Wikimedia Commons

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