Hilary Duff Fans Shower Her with Baby Clothes!

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Hilary Duff was surprised by thousands of fans in Brazil who showered her with baby clothes and gifts during an appearance over the weekend! After announcing her pregnancy just a week ago, her fans obviously wanted to do something special for her—and so they did!Hilary Duff backstage at the Heart Truth's fashion show

“Oh my goodness! Wow I am in shock! Thank you so much for all of this love! Rio fans are amazing, makes me want to cry!!! I swear this baby is so damn spoiled it has a complete wardrobe already from the fans here! Can’t wait to show Mike! And play dress up with baby,” Duff tweeted.

Duff also tweeted a photo of her fans who came out in full support of her and her baby. She was given so many nice things and she was so thankful. It’s amazing that her fans came together in such a way and did this for her! Of course she doesn’t need any thing which is why these acts were so meaningful. People actually put thought and effort in to this and it proved to make Hilary happy!

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