Hillary Clinton Says ‘I’m Running’

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Hillary Clinton responded this morning to a reporter, “I’m running.” The response was to a question asked by a reporter following behind her at around 9:34 am near her Chappaqua, New York neighborhood. The reporter asked if she had time to answer a few questions about 2016. She said, “Not now. I’m running.”

She was in fact, on her morning job in the park.

She certainly hasn’t lost her sense of humor. Is she just having a bit of fun with the media or is she considering another kind of run? She wouldn’t be announcing this early anyway although some websites are reporting that “sources” have confirmed that she’s running. No need to give her opponents any extra time to package their lies about her. Although, in all likelihood, they are already filling their arsenal just in case the “sources” are accurate.

It would appear that Hillary is enjoying her time away from political life although still being chased by reporters. That isn’t likely to end, at least not until after 2016. And even then, if she does run, it goes on.

“President Hillary Clinton” sure has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? And why not follow the first black American president with the first female American president? The Republicans would have to come up with a qualified Hispanic female to have any chance of giving Clinton a real challenge in 2016.

Keep on “running” Hillary!

Image Source: USA Greek Reporter

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