Hillary Clinton’s Pantsuits Ridiculed by Tim Gunn

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Praising “stewardship of U.S. foreign policy” doesn’t give a Project Runway‘s style expert, Tim Gunn, a pass for ridiculing Hillary Clinton’s pantsuits. Really, Timmy, when you question “Why must she dress that way?” it makes people want to answer, “Because she likes to, you dolt.”

This may come as a surprise to Dunn, but most people don’t give a hoot about Ms. Clinton sending a fashion statement around the world. She’s not in her position to prance down a runway. Gunn’s praise “for what she does for our country in her governmental role” doesn’t balance the well used and tedious jokes about her, either.

Quite simply, if Hillary Clinton’s pantsuits bother Dunn so much so that he is still whining about them on the “Lopez Show,” then he and Lopez both need some new material…badly.

Even James Gibney of the Atlantic Monthly got into the act via Twitter by saying Gunn had a point. “Tim Gunn is right: top U.S. diplomat should dress better, and so should all U.S. dips, who are mostly lumpy Lands-Enders,” reports Yahoo News.

Hogwash. The shallowness of these people might be amusing for late night television viewers, but if they are serious about their criticism of, of all topics, Hillary Clinton’s pantsuits, as one might suspect they are, they all need a head slap. Mahatma Gandhi got a fashion break, so give one to poor Hillary.

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