Hillary Declares for President

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This morning Hillary Clinton declared her intention to run for President. While she's entitled of course, I think this was a very bad decision and might possibly be the only Democratic decision that could cost the party the White House in 2008.

 It's not that I think Hillary is a bad candidate or that she would be a bad President. I don't. It's not that she's female. I am female and feel it is long overdue that we have a female President to break the deathgrip men have traditionally had on the office. The reason I wish she had not made this decision is that through no fault of her own, she's a major devisive figure and will long remain so.

The baseless virulent hatred the far right has for this woman is truly amazing.  I have a friend whose brother is an ordained minister, a man of peace and a man of god (supposedly) yet he has clearly stated that were he ever in her presence he would physically attack her and beat her up. This sort of blind hatred is dangerous because in the hands of unstable people it leads to assassination attempts.

The second reason I'm sorry she chose to do this is that, should she win, nothing much will get accomplished in the country as the rabid right brings one false charge after another against her. Nothing she does will be too trivial. If she farts in a school they will attempt to have her impeached for attempting to gas small children. Four or even eight years of frothing, slavering hatred ala the Bill Clinton era will further divide and polarize this country.

 Hillary declared for President today. I really wish she had not.

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