Hillary Duff Dumped from Bonnie and Clyde: Paid $100,000 Anyway

Hillary Duff may have been dumped from the Bonnie and Clyde cast but she managed to make mega bank anyway. Thanks to a severance deal in her contract, Duff walked away with an astounding $100,000. Hillary was reportedly dropped from the role of Bonnie because she became pregnant. Honestly, it would be somewhat difficult to play a sexy criminal with a protruding belly. That’s Hollywood for you.

Producers of the movie are currently looking for a replacement. But there’s obviously some bad blood between Duff and them, despite her big payday. Speaking about Bonnie and Clyde, Duff stated, “I dont wanna give them any more press than they’ve already gotten off me … I think [my] baby is a little bit more exciting.”

Hey, at least Hillary Duff will now have some extra change for her baby’s nursery, right? $100,000 to not work is just about everyone’s dream. Apparently, it’s turned into Duff’s nightmare.

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