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The Supreme Court agreed to hear arguments on HILLARY: THE MOVIE

A group calling itself Citizens United made a film called HILLARY: THE MOVIE. It was made during the time when then Senator Hillary Clinton was running for the Democratic Party’s Presidential nomination. Reportedly the movie is a 90 minute movie attack on Ms Clinton’s politics, faith, effectiveness and ethics. It is not flattering. It was not meant to be. It was meant to persuade voters not to vote for her. That is not the issue the Supreme Court will be looking at.

HILLARY: THE MOVIE. was meant to be offered for free to pay-per-view cable stations. Their plan was to advertise it prior to it’s airing. This is where it gets sticky. The Federal Election Commission, citing the McCain-Feingold law, said the film was nothing more than a long attack ad. That they could not advertise it 30 days before a primary and 60 days before a general election. If they did advertise they would be required to reveal who was paying for the film and the ads. Citizens United sued the FEC. A three judge panel ruled in favor of the FEC, and now, on appeal it is before the Supreme Court.

There is little doubt that HILLARY: THE MOVIE. is a biased, hatchet job. There is little doubt that the money behind Citizens United comes from the same coffers that has presented our country with other repulsive attacks. What is really intriguing is any decision the Supreme Court makes will have deep impact on elections in the United States. A ruling for Citizens United will gut the McCain-Feingold act and make it easier for big money to run rough shod over the election process. A ruling for the FEC could hamper dissent, artistic or otherwise. It could also hamper the people who finance that dissent.

Equally intriguing is whether the conservative bias  extant on the Supreme Court will feel the new winds blowing in the country. If they do,  there will be a very narrow ruling on HILLARY: THE MOVIE. The decision is due in June. Stay tuned, this is a big one.

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