Hillary's Drawl

It seems as though many are being very critical of the fact that Hillary Clinton adopted a southern drawl during a speech at an African American church in the south. In fact, it’s become the topic of many pundits. I don’t understand this on several fronts. Before I continue, however, I should probably note that I would NEVER vote for Hillary Clinton. That should be obvious in the article.

I have friends who live in the south. Southern dialect is my favorite. I love the slow drawl. I learned to speak in Texas, but moved shortly thereafter. When I am around my southern friends I pick up the drawl. I don’t purposefully do this. Hillary Clinton lived in Arkansas for several years. It is possible she picked up there and meeting with leaders beforehand just slipped into the dialect without actually planning it.

What worries me, however, is that this will become a big issue. I think we need to be careful, politically, what we choose to focus on. One of the reasons Bill Clinton got away from office looking so good is that people focused on surface issues like Monica Lewinsky that no one really cares about today. I’d hate to see the same mistakes made when discussing why Hillary shouldn’t be elected.

I’ve taken linguistics classes. I know that many people can slip in and out of dialects without thinking much about it. But, when discussing the Hillary issue, shouldn’t we stick to the meat of the issues, rather than create diversions that uneducated voters get caught up in.

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