Hillary’s Wrong Outfit at G20 Drew Guffaws (Photo)

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Is someone in need of a little attention? Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, at a G20 summit in Mexico, sported the wrong outfit during a group photo, setting off a firestorm of ridicule across the globe.

It seems, on the surface, a trivial matter, but there’s no chance this was a mistake. America-haters are always looking to trash the United States, and Clinton just gifted them another reason.

Clinton showed up for a meeting with 30 foreign leaders wearing a bold, lime-green, Mao-inspired pantsuit, while everyone else was clad in all-white. While she is infamous for her loud sartorial selections, this incident constitutes a legitimate wardrobe malfunction.

Clinton appeared embarrassed in the shot, but the other foreign ministers laughed at the malfunction. Someone could have lent Clinton a white shirt for a few minutes, but she remained in the wrong outfit, anyway.

The former first lady likely ignored the memo about the dress code. She’ll play the innocent victim, and shift blame to one of her aides for the mishap. Nevertheless, intentionally sporting the wrong outfit in this situation reaffirms the stereotype of America’s “look at me” culture.

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