‘HIMYM’ Season 8 Episode 1 Spoilers for ‘Farhampton’

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Tonight is the season 8 première of How I Met Your Mother. This first episode is called Farhampton. On HIMYM season 8 episode 1, fans are going to get to see a great flash forward. Are you excited for the return of this hit show?

Zap 2 It was able to come up with some great spoilers for the upcoming episode tonight. Spoilers show a flash forward to a wedding between Robin and Barney. The problem is that it sounds like fans don’t get to find out if the two actually tie the knot or not. They just can’t stop teasing viewers. Later this season viewers should get to see more of it.

Ted and Victoria are back together since she ran off from her wedding. They will show her fiancé as well. It looks like they are in love, but fans already know that she is not the mother. Are they ever going to let viewers find out who it really is? It should happen if this season really is the last like rumors say.

Something super important will happen at the end of HIMYM season 8 episode 1. It sounds like a big deal so you do not want to stop watching the episode early.

Do you plan to watch the season 8 première of How I Met Your Mother? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.

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