Hindsight works-thwe

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Hindsight is a valuable learning tool. We would do things  so much differently if we had todays knowledge.  Case in point: My vehicular misadventure of 1982.

Things could have been tonnes worse but as things occurred it was bad enough. I was not a licensed driver but I allowed a friend to convince me to driver her parents car out of a rut in the snow.  I really should have asked my brother or my sisters boyfriend to do it and the whole mess could have been avoided. I did manage to back the car out of a rut but continued in reverse over a curb and through a wooded fence. I killed a pine tree and nearly hit the house. The car took a beating as well and my friends dad nearly had our hides.

The lack of common sense cost me 2 demerits and a 2 year suspension which prohibited me even taking a test for my learners license. I felt like a true bonehead.

I can laugh about it now but used it as an object lesson and told my daughter  not to succumb to peer pressure and do something dumb.

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