Hip Hop Artist Wyclef Jean in Hiding After Death Threats

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Hip hop artist Wyclef Jean is in hiding after receiving death threats regarding his bid to run for president of Haiti.

Presidential Bid Decision Delayed

According to CBSNews, the Haitian electoral commission has delayed their decision on whether on not Wyclef Jean will be allowed to run for president of Haiti, and in the meantime he has received death threats. Among the threats are strong suggestions that he leave the country.

Said to be hiding out somewhere within Haiti, Jean has relayed via e-mails to the Associated Press the content of some of the death threats.

Since Wyclef Jean hasn’t lived in Haiti for five consecutive years, the commission would need to make a special ruling on order for the Haitian-born star to run for president. Some Haitians are opposed to Jean running. The new Haitian president will be in charge of channeling the billions of dollars in foreign aid that will go toward rebuilding parts of Haiti that were destroyed in the January 12 earthquake.


While Wyclef Jean’s intentions may be good, it is a bit uncertain as to why the hip hop artist believes he is qualified to run for president, especially in a place that has been riddled with political scandal for so many years. It doesn’t seem as though he has any political experience, and there are about 30 other people who want to throw in their bids for the presidency as well.

The whole scenario doesn’t appear to favor Wyclef Jean. Hopefully the nations who provided the money for aid will work in conjunction with Haiti to help prohibit the funds being squandered by a corrupt leader, whomever that new leader will be.

And in the meantime, officials need to find the people sending death threats to Wyclef Jean and put a stop to it. There is more than enough violence in Haiti without creating reasons for more.

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