Hiroshima Bombing Photos Kept From Public; US Strategic Bomb Survey Photos Revealed

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Hiroshima bombing photos were kept from the public many years ago, and this was by no mistake. Images taken by Japanese photographers and media professionals in 1945 were banned by the U.S. government. Future photos were forbidden by the U.S. government, until a special mission took place.

Years went by without many people actually seeing the deprivation the nuclear bomb left on Japan in Hiroshima. Nearly 60 years later these photos are still jaw dropping and leave many in shock.

President Truman commissioned the United States Strategic Bombing Survey for the Pacific Theater of War in order to measure the damage the nuclear bomb created in Hiroshima. The Strategic Bomb Survey was to “measure precisely” the impact the bomb had. A classified mission upon completion, these photos later turned up in te strangest of places.

Atomic Bomb Dome

A man walking on a street with his dog found a suitcase full of photos taken by the US Strategic Bomb Survey. The photos are reported to be copies made by an architect, Robert L. Corsbie who resided in Massachusetts.

These photos display the rarely seen damage the nuclear bomb left in Hiroshima. Reminiscent on the recent Tsunami disaster in Japan, the Hiroshima bombing photos are haunting. While the events that took place during war-time are still very controversial and will continue to be debated upon, the photographic footage is very important to history. Now on display the photos the U.S. Strategic Bomb Survey took can be found here.

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