Hitler Birthday Party: Smoke Bomb Exploded by Unknown Perpetrator

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Have you ever heard of a Hitler birthday party celebration? In a suburban Chicago area, people threw a party to celebrate the deceased Adolf Hitler’s birthday and the anniversary of the beginning of the Civil War.

During the party, a mysterious person decided to stop the celebration by throwing a smoke bomb in the midst of the revelers.

The Hitler birthday celebration on Monday was located at Lyons restaurant. The bizarre party was set up by the America First Committee in the banquet hall of the restaurant. Can you believe that Lyons restaurant was supporting this Hitler birthday celebration by allowing them to use their restaurant?

Would it be prejudicial if they didnÂ’t allow the revelers in their banquet hall? It probably would. Actually, the world has Adolf Hitler to thank for a lot of the insane racism in the world. DonÂ’t you think?

According to Police Chief Harley Schinker, an unknown man walked into the Lyons restaurant, ordered a grilled sandwich, then went into the bathroom and set off a smoke bomb. It resulted in no injuries to any of the 60 people that had gathered to celebrate the 122nd anniversary of HitlerÂ’s birthday. The dictator was born on April 12, 1861.

The police department are investigating the identity of the perpetrator, but they only have “vague descriptions” of the man. It is actually quite funny that the man set off the smoke bomb and ruined their birthday party. Hopefully, they won’t find him.

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Photo: Even Hitler was a cute baby!

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