Hockey? Kris Humphries, the AHL Crunch to Strike Deal?

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A hockey team wants Kris Humphries. The AHL’s Syracuse Crunch offered the NBA star a job while he waits for a basketball offer. The Kim Kardashian wedding and divorce drama has gotten such attention, tickets to this week’s games are $72.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries Debacle: There’s Gold in Hockey…Sort of

His express-style wedding and divorce to reality star Kim Kardashian put his name on the map, albeit for the wrong reasons. In just 72-days, the “Wedding of the Century” turned out to be something of a manufactured mess.

The drama, nasty rumors, and fallout from angry fans put a ding in his armor and rep. As a free agent, he’s in a quest to clear his good name and convince an NBA team he is all about rebounding and defense sans the Kim Kardashian divorce drama.

Alas, one solution is on the table for Kris. A hockey team offered him a job, lessons, and even a spot in the office answering the phones, says Yahoo Sports.

“We would welcome Kris Humphries to Syracuse, where unlike Hollywood there are no paparazzi within hundreds of miles and he could reclaim his privacy and self-esteem. Being from Minnesota, Humphries will surely enjoy the hockey and feel right at home in the cold, gray, dismal weather we experience this time of year in Central New York.” ~ The AHL’s Syracuse Crunch general manager Vance Lederman.

While some think this is a slight at the basketball center; the offer is legit and the team wants the Minnesota native to play in the American Hockey League. It’s a way to help out a man in need of damage control, while selling tickets to followers of Kim and Kris’ marriage crunch.

A Hockey Team Meshing with the Kardashians, Humphries May Just Work

Who knew Kris could and wanted to rub elbows with the rough and tough cast of characters on ice? By all accounts, he has the docile, altar boy persona. Sure, NBA players knuckle up now and then.

But, the AHL and NHL is another beast altogether. When words are exchanged, they go to blows. When shots are aimed below the belt, they duke it out. And when a score needs to be settled or a score annulled, they have a shootout.

Wait a minute; Kris Humphries will fit in just right. He’s had plenty of training from Kim Kardashian, and a lot of reasons to shed the good old boy look. It’s time to fight and guard home court, right?


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