Holiday Cottage: The Ideal Accommodation for Your Group or Family Holidays

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1. Holiday Cottages Vs Hotels

Nowadays it’s really common for groups of friends to go on holiday and discover new things together, but when you are a group of five to ten people the main problem will probably be the accommodation. You can of course book hotel rooms but your holidays will probably lose a bit of their excitement as you will spend your days together but at night the group will split and everyone will go in his own room.
That’s why group of friends usually choose to book a holiday cottage so that they can stay together all the time during their holidays.

In fact, if you book a hotel room for your holidays you will go out during the day and at night you’ll have to do activities that would be decided by the hotel manager. But if you book a cottage for your holidays you’ ll be able to decide what you want to do  and it will be as if you were in you own house, for instance you can choose to have a poker night and listen to music all night long with your friends. In addition, self-catering cottages are the favourite of UK holidaymakers mainly because of the comfort they provide.

2. A Comfortable Accommodation

In fact, a cottage is a house with all the facilities that you normally use in your own house such as fridge, microwave and so on, so you don’t need to go and waste money everyday in restaurants during your holidays. In addition, cottages are ideal for large groups as they are spacious and more flexible than any other holiday accommodation.

3. More Flexibility

When you rent a holiday cottage no matter the size of your group you’ll always have places for everyone as most cottages have sofas in the living room and you can also bring some sleeping bags especially if it’s summertime and some of you can sleep on the living room floor. So holiday cottage is a cost-effective holiday accommodation solution especially for groups with a small budget.

4. Great Locations

In addition, most holiday cottages are located near the countryside so that you can go and do some activities while enjoying mother nature.  For instance you can go in the countryside to have   a picnic or just for a walk. This is also the ideal accommodation for those who are tired of the dynamism of the city life and who feel that they need an escape to the countryside.

5. Where to Find the Best Holiday Cottages in the UK

You can find holiday cottages up and down the UK but those that attract holidaymakers the most are Dartmouth cottages. The main difference between mainstream holiday cottages and Dartmouth cottages is that in Dartmouth most cottages have big terraces and private fishing spots, so if you like fishing you can go and fish any time you want or if you never fished before it will be the occasion for you to learn. In addition, you can go for a boat ride in the Dart with your family or friends. Besides, there are many activities that you can do in Dartmouth and have some great holidays.

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