Holiday Movies-Get Ready for the “Schmaltzy Season”

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Holiday Movies-Get Ready for the “Schmaltzy Season”


Bah humbug! Not really, I just get so tired of the boring and trite holiday programming which has already started on some channels.


Instead of putting on regular programming, TV stations run sappy and sickening holiday movies, below par specials, parades and reruns that go on for weeks.


Lifetime TV has started advertising that from now until year’s end we’ll be bombarded with every holiday movie they can find. As a faithful viewer of Lifetime TV and LMN I’m already trying to store up other movies, taping Forensic files, Intervention and tons of other programs including my “All In The Family” and Sid Cesar collection to substitute on those boring weeknights when dopey movies are the only thing being broadcast on all the channels.

 There are only 3 holiday movies that I enjoy watching. Two of these aren’t shown very much, the other is on quite a bit, but I love it anyway.


“Home For The Holidays” 1995- Has an all-star cast with Holly Hunter, Charles Durning, Ann Bancroft, and Robert Downey Jr.

Very funny, very realistic, totally irrreverent and I find it funny every time I see it. It isn’t on TV very much but deserves to be shown as a holiday classic. Each time I see it, I pick up new things that I missed the last time.


“Christmas In Connecticut” 1945– Barbara Stanwick is funny, S.Z. (“Cuddles”) Sakall absolutely adorable and a gorgeous actor named Dennis Morgan is young and dreamy…… Rarely is this movie broadcast, I actually think it’s becoming more popular however and I hope everyone has a chance to see it this year on TCM. The actors were perfectly chosen and at their peak here. I hear there’s another remake of this movie in the works, ugh…SEE THIS ORIGINAL FIRST.


I don’t buy many DVD’s but the above 2 movies I decided to buy last year, just so I could screen them each year.


 “Train, Planes, and Automobiles” 1987- A true classic with the wonderful Steve Martin and the late, great John Candy. This movie is shown often but it’s one I watch over & over. It’s just so funny, frustrating and truly a memorable study of holiday travelling. I love Steve Martin anyway but he plays the uptight and frustrated traveller perfectly. John Candy is the big hearted, talkative, annoying regular Joe kind of character that we love so much.


None of the above are schmaltzy to the point of once you see it, you don’t ever want to see it again. Each is different and not THAT predictable.

If you ever have to be home on a holiday and want to watch TV, you’ll be disappointed with the lousy programming; but having these movies in your arsenal of DVD’s will make the day go by more enjoyably. 

Oh, and as a rule of thumb: stay away from anything on TV that has ‘heartwarming’ in it’s description. Happy holidays and Merry Christmas to all of my Gather family!!


What’s your favorite holiday movie? Have you seen any of my favorites?




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