Hollie Cavanagh Rages Against ‘American Idol’ Judges

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Although Hollie Cavanagh didn’t tell them on air during American Idol, she did tell one source that the AI judges were wrong about her.

In fact, this power singer is emphatic when it comes to what went down and how she “feels” about what was said about when she was told she didn’t “feel” her cover of the Bonnie Raitt anthem, I Can’t Make You Love Me.

Hollie told Hollywood Life, “I felt [the song]…I felt the lyrics in it. They can tell me I didn’t feel it, but I felt it. I feel like I felt it, then I felt it, you know?”

That certainly makes sense.

And while Cavanagh raged in her own quiet way about how the American Idol arbiters negatively reacted to her performance, she couldn’t say anything at the time.

Instead, she had to stand there and take it in front of the whole wide world (or at least anyone who was watching) and then give her, uh, feelings on the subject to media sources afterward the show wrapped.

Still, with the performance behind her and the voting over that will determine her fate, even this vent from the young woman who lives in Texas but comes from England won’t matter. Indeed, chances are she will be voted off the TV talent show on Thursday. Or, at least that is a strong (and sad) possibility.

That said, what do you think about how Hollie Cavanagh reacted to at least one interviewer after she was dissed on American Idol by the three judges? Do you feel she is in the right and they are in the wrong? Please weigh in.

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